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Środa Śląska Regional Museum is situated in the Gothic Town Hall. The restored building occupies the center of the market square. From north and west it is surrounded by Town Hall buildings dating from the Middle Ages. Together with the Town Hall, the building creates an inner courtyard with a unique atmosphere therefore they are rated among the most beautiful places in the town. The most precious artifact in the museum is undoubtedly the Treasure of Środa Śląska. The former Councillors’ Hall gives place to the exhibition “Środa Śląska guild insignia” devoted to the rich history of Środa Śląska guilds, with guild seals, Willkomm cups, tankards, pitchers and coffin shields on display. It is worth mentioning that the above exhibits are the only remaining from the former German Heimatmusem, which can be seen in the present-day museum.
The Councillor’s Hall has cross vault ceiling ornamented with 16th and 17th century polychrome floral motif. The Silesian eagle is depicted on one keystone and the Czech Lion on another, proving Środa Śląska political affiliations in 14th century. There is a town model showing how Środa looked like, when there used to be the castle, and other buildings which haven’t survived. It is very popular among the visitors. From the Councillors’ Hall, where the sessions of the town court used to be held, one can go to the tower adjacent to the north. In the tower there are two original Gothic cells left. The engravings are worthy noticing, one with a date “1413” which let us date the first engravings to the 15th century. The door leading to the cell characterized by simplicity of design and workmanship, was made in 1628 by a carpenter Melcher Kravse. He left on the door not only his name but also the arms of the Carpenters’ Guild. On the second floor there is an exhibition on old woodworking tools. Two workshops have been reconstructed where the tools used by coopers, wheelwrights, carriage makers are shown. They date back mostly to the second half of 19 century or the first half of 20th century.

In the showrooms sometimes there are temporary exhibitions from museums around Poland. The museum lessons in archeology, ethnography, history and art history are organized.

Great importance is placed on archaeological research carried out before any construction investment starts in the town. The necessity of doing so is highlighted by the adverse circumstances in which Środa Śląska Treasure was uncovered.

The activities of the museum are presenting and preserving the local history and organizing cultural events like concerts, fairs.

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